On not giving a vegan fuck.

Okay. So, I’m a vegan. Not for ethical, but health reasons. I do believe that I feel better and healthier now that I’ve cut this stuff out of my life. I don’t judge anyone on the dietary outlooks on life. If they want to eat a shit ton of meat, that’s their decision. Just as this is mine. However, I still get those really annoying comments about PETA, protein, carnivore-laden based facts, etc. How do I honestly just say “fuck you” to get them off my back. I’ve repeatedly tell these people that it has nothing to do with animal welfare. They just don’t seem to get it. They’re your typical two buckets of chicken wings, football on the couch, straight, beer drinking jocks. How do I put into to words that they will “hopefully” understand the health aspect in all of this. Or is all hope lost?

Listen, do you have something to prove or not? Either you don’t care what the KFC crowd thinks, or you’re pushing an agenda. Which is it?

Also, why did you throw “straight” into the mix when describing these dudes? How does sexual orientation play into this? It sounds to me like you’ve got a whole rainbow of chips on your shoulder, and it’s all more political that you’re willing to admit.

Do I need to remind you that some lifestyles are just plain old-fashioned incompatible? You’re giving way too much of a fuck here. Stop it.

Quit defending your vegan lifestyle to people who eat chicken out of a bucket. It’s pointless, and all you do is come off as annoying.

If you honestly want to say “fuck you,” all it takes is two little words. There’s no need to make it a teachable moment.


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