On open relationships.

My bf wants a open relationship and Im not too into that sorta thing but I love him too much to let him go, so should I just let him get his way.

Wow. No. Where’s your fucking dignity?

If you don’t want to fuck other people, and you don’t want him to fuck other people, then you shouldn’t be in an open relationship. He either respects you enough not to cheat, or you respect yourself enough to break up with him.

Opening a relationship should never be about letting someone “get his way.” It should be a mutual thing, something you explore together. Having sex with other people as a couple should celebrate your couplehood. If it’s done properly, it will bring you two closer.

That’s not what he wants. He just wants to fuck other people. He’s a manipulative asshole who’s already checked out of the relationship but is too weak to just break up with you.

Sorry, but it’s probably best if you prepare yourself for the inevitable.

Better luck with your next guy.


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