On haunted vaginas.

Recently, I’ve noticed that occasionally my vagina actually literally has steam come out of it. When I try to look up the reason behind this, I just get a bunch of porn. Point is- Is this normal?

Is the steam accompanied by the sound of truck brakes? Are you a Warner Brothers cartoon from the forties? No? Well then, steam coming out of your pussy is not normal.

By the way, steam is superheated water vapor, so unless you’re cooking soup in your vagina, it’s probably something else. Maybe it’s swamp gas. Maybe it’s a ghost. Whatever it is, don’t you think this is the kind of thing maybe a doctor should look at?

Seriously. Go down to Planned Parenthood and get your shit looked at. Trust me, they’ve seen worse.


3 thoughts on “On haunted vaginas.

  1. Niqi says:

    Oh my god, I forgot about this question. I used to have it bookmarked because I loved it so much. I’m crying laughing again.

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