On owing sex

My boyfriend makes me feel that I owe him sexual favors in return for how much he’s been there for me emotionally. When I don’t comply with everything he requests, I’m told that I’m asking for more than I’m willing to give. Is the problem really me here?

No, the problem is your creep of a boyfriend who thinks it’s okay to emotionally blackmail you for sexual favors.

There is a natural give-and-take to every relationship, but that’s a far cry from a man who thinks you ever “owe” him sex. He’s treating you like a prostitute, one he pays in emotional support instead of money.

That’s about as unhealthy a relationship as you can possibly be in without shit being overtly violent. Dump him. Do it now. I’m dead fucking serious.

Don’t ever put up with emotional blackmail, and don’t ever let your partner treat sex as a commodity.


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