On owning a record shop.

Is it ridiculous to feel that in this day and age, I should second guess my dreams because of how fast the world changes, and, ugh, the economy? I hate to be one of those people that do it for the money and not follow a passion of mine. But I also want to be smart and financially secure for my future. Is it stupid that I want to own a record shop?

Dude, put down the joint and back away from the Nick Hornby novel.

If you haven’t noticed, they aren’t selling little round pieces of plastic anymore, so unless you’ve developed a revolutionary new business plan for the retail distribution of promotional and alternative merchandise for music and entertainment industry lifestyle brands, it’s probably best that you don’t own a record shop.

Good luck, though.

(Oh, and to all you angry
vinyl fanatics who went apeshit for thinking I just took a dump in this guy’s Cheerios, are you fucking kidding me?

Did I miss the memo where bankers were suddenly eager to hand out new business loans to any bright-eyed hipster who walks in off the street with a pocket full of dreams about leasing prime retail frontage to cater to a micro-niche analog technology market on the ass-end of a bursted-bubble industry in the shittiest economy since the great depression?

This guy wants to start a business in the real world, so unless one of you pretentious audiophiles is offering up venture capital out of your trust fund, I suggest you recognize the difference between bashing someone’s dream and shooting them straight.)


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