On the thought police

In response to your response to the “guys as the key and girls as the lock thing”. I think your response was really brilliant, but I want to bring up one problem I caught. Using the word “retarded” is damaging. I understand that you were trying to state that the person who said this “simile” was being ignorant and a jack ass (as well as his friend for thinking it was “cute”) but using such a word is really demeaning to persons that are actually mentally handicapped. It’s ironic because you talk so strongly about how wrong this statement is but then use a mental condition as an insult. Please don’t take my comment as trying to be rude or down-play you; I respect your post but I don’t think using language like “retarded” (or “lame” or “gay”, as other examples) is really effective in getting your point across.

Yeah. Shame on me. I used the word retarded, and because of that, right now up in heaven a little angel with down syndrome won’t be getting its wings.

Fuck you. I mean it. Fuck you right in the face.

You are a member of the thought police, and you are the fucking enemy. Well guess what? I won’t let you shape my language. I won’t let you shape my thoughts.

I know myself. I know my heart. I know my language. I know all the delicious and powerful words that scare pathetic and weak-minded fucks like you.

Words like cunt, nigger, faggot, and retard.

Dangerous words. Loaded words. Beautiful words that the easily offended would ban and burn like books if you could. You realize that’s what you are, right? A hypervigilant book burner. Except you’re worse. You do it on the linguistic level, one word at a time in the name of someone else’s hurt feelings because you’re too warped to tell the difference between an ameliorated pejorative and actual hate speech.

Well fuck that and fuck you. You don’t get to set the standards. You don’t get to deem appropriateness. As long as I’m putting pen to paper with a pure heart, you don’t get to say shit.

How dare you accuse me of damage? As if my words rang forth across the internet, and now somewhere there’s a classroom full of special ed kids crying into their helmets because I used the word retarded. Oh, please.

You know what’s really damaging? Having someone rush to their defense demanding special treatment for their delicate sensibilities. Fuck that shit. I’m not the one making a big deal about being mentally handicapped. You are.

You’re the one who’s being demeaning, not me. You’re the one acting out of fear, not me. You’re the problem, not me. I love my language — all of it — and I won’t let easily offended, self appointed thought police tell me how to use it.

I strongly suggest you lighten the fuck up, because it’s not political correctness that’s ultimately going to bring us all together. It’s having the good sense to recognize actual hate speech when we hear it, and having the good sense of humor to recognize that not one of us cunts, niggers, faggots, or retards is ever above catching a little shit.


One thought on “On the thought police

  1. Kristen Lee says:

    I’m trying to shape my thoughts. I totally agree with you,and never felt offended by your language (like the way you don’t get offended by stand up comics when they aren’t PC), but why did it bother me when Anne Coulter publicly called someone retarded? Maybe it’s because she was intending it as hurtful as opposed to comedy? Maybe it’s because it’s Anne Coulter?

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