On pandemic dating

How in the hell do we meet people and date during this? My city is super shut down and swiping is so uninspiring. Please give hacks.

I’ve been rewatching Downton Abby, and honestly, if the British aristocracy can fuck during the OG flu pandemic of 1918, then you crazy kids can figure it out today.

You have the internet. Use that shit. Dating and video chat apps are a perfectly good set of tools to find and get to know someone. Sorry if it’s uninspiring, but that’s not the technology’s fault. Don’t be acting like there was a hot singles bar scene back in 2019. I can’t think of one couple I know who didn’t meet on a dating app since before Hillary won the popular vote, and y’all have had five fucking months to hone your Zoom skills. 

Seriously, you can do this. If you want to date, expect that a much higher percentage of the first date stuff will be fully online. Expect to screen and be screened for health and wellness considerations before agreeing to meet in person. It doesn’t have to suck. The entire experience can be heightened by the circumstances if you have the right attitude.


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