On performance anxiety.

Okay so help me on this one…I decide to go over to lets just say…BOB’s house. We’re dating and he invites me over to watch movies. I go thinking that is all that would happen. He puts the movie in than immediately climbs on me and starts making out with me. I say ehh what the hell why the fuck not…It starts getting a bit heavy and he decides to ask me if he can go down on me. Now I was in the mood for that so I won’t bullshit and say I wasent but I wanted to put the brakes on that and just keep it pg13. Well he continues on asking and the making out is getting better. So here I am getting asked this shit and I just come out with it and ask.. “Do you have a condom?” I mean here he is wanting to do that and wants it in return .I knew in my head that it could either break or make the relationship but he says nah I don’t think we should have sex. So I right than and there feel like an idiot and he starts pinning me down with questions on why do I want to do it for and all this crap. Whats really up with this guy?

If a guy is willing to go down on you, he’s definitely willing to fuck you. The only logical reasons for him to change the subject when you suggest sex instead of oral is because he’s either too nervous to get it up, or he’s got a tiny dick.

(There are other reasons, but I doubt that he’s super religious, and I don’t want to freak you out by suggesting the highly unlikely possibility he’s hiding an STD.)

If you’ve seen his cock before, then it’s not the size issue. He probably just got a little stage fright and tried to deflect his anxiety by turning the conversation back onto you.

Thing is, a little stage fright at first can be good. It means the guy may actually like you, and it usually ends up with him going down on you for an hour and a half to compensate.

Just be very understanding, and make him start licking.


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