On virginity.

I lost my virginity last night, i was drunk but remembered pieces. I always thought I would be one of those people that do it when theyre in love and it’s special, but it was quite the opposite. I don’t regret it but at the same time I feel strange. What do you think?

Hallmark should have a line of virginity themed cards right next to the ones for graduation, because this is a happy moment where your friends should buy you gifts and write your name on a cake. Congratulations!

Good for you for not regretting it, and even better that you set aside the immature notion of holding out for “special in-love” sex. Fairy tales are for little girls, and you’re a woman now.

As for the strange feeling, it’s a delicious cocktail of one part excitement, two parts confusion, and a little splash of shame. Enjoy it. You probably won’t feel it again until the first time you take it up the ass.

Happy fucking!


One thought on “On virginity.

  1. D says:

    wow in hindsight this sounds like a young girl who got raped at a party and was trying to find someone to mirror that back to her

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