On virginity.

I lost my virginity last night, i was drunk but remembered pieces. I always thought I would be one of those people that do it when theyre in love and it’s special, but it was quite the opposite. I don’t regret it but at the same time I feel strange. What do you think?

Hallmark should have a line of virginity themed cards right next to the ones for graduation, because this is a happy moment where your friends should buy you gifts and write your name on a cake. Congratulations!

Good for you for not regretting it, and even better that you set aside the immature notion of holding out for “special in-love” sex. Fairy tales are for little girls, and you’re a woman now.

As for the strange feeling, it’s a delicious cocktail of one part excitement, two parts confusion, and a little splash of shame. Enjoy it. You probably won’t feel it again until the first time you take it up the ass.

Happy fucking!


3 thoughts on “On virginity.

  1. D says:

    wow in hindsight this sounds like a young girl who got raped at a party and was trying to find someone to mirror that back to her

    • OP says:

      Came back to this question I asked ten years ago and saw this comment. That is absolutely not what happened. A week prior to this, I said to myself “I want to lose my virginity.” A week later, I did, to my crush at the time that I was already hooking up with. I was drunk, yes, but I still wanted to. And the strange feeling was never negative or regretful. I tell my virginity story happily, as the details are super funny (it was a hippie house that had a pet pig and like 10 dogs) and this response from coquette was actually so incredible, meaningful to me, aligned with my spirit, and i think of it often.

      I understand what you’re saying, and that the situation could go negatively, but I also am taken a back by how quick people are to address something as traumatic or wrong, when it wasn’t even the case.
      Coquette read my energy properly in this case and told me exactly what I needed to hear, and what i felt deep down under all the expectations and constructs around virginity. It’s incredible.

      • Cop Lady says:

        No, if a girl is drunk she can’t consent. Unless she drives a car, then she must go to jail.

        If a guy is drunk – so drunk he doesn’t remember anything – he’s a criminal.

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