On permanent birth control.

Why can’t birth control be free?

I am an intelligent, self supported adult who hates children. Recently, the price of my Nuvaring was jacked up so high that even with insurance, the copay is is like a monthly kidney punch. I can’t find a clinic who will tie my tubes under my insurance- if I could, I’d be sealed off in a heartbeat. Maybe I’m not trying hard enough- but that’s my point. It shouldn’t BE a hassle to prevent pregnancy. I’ve been in a relationship for a few years, and we don’t WANT to use condoms- both because we just don’t like them and we’d go through them like tic tacs if we did begrudgingly wrap the wang each and every time. I think that birth control that people might actually WANT to use should be free- considering that the world is grossly overpopulated and that 90% of the breeders out there shouldn’t be allowed to procreate in the first place.

Fuck, it’s ridiculous. I’m sure if I lobotomized myself and started popping out brats, the government would shell out all kinds of resources to help me support them- why can’t they make it easier to prevent them? Is it really so expensive to mass produce a generic version of the pill?

Any advice on the easiest method of sterilization for a lower middle class individual with health insurance?

Have you looked into the Essure procedure? It’s less expensive, non-surgical, and permanent. Theoretically, it’s also covered by your insurance.

Check out their website. Find a doctor who’ll pair up with your coverage and work with you to keep costs low.

Never be afraid to haggle with your insurance company. It’s their job to automatically say no, but if you end up speaking to actual human beings who understand math, ask them to add up the costs to the company for your birth control regimen over the next five years.

Better yet, ask them what their average costs are for pre-natal care these days. Show them it makes sense to drop a little up-front coin on something like this.

Good luck, and don’t let the hassle grind you down.

(Oh, and have you gone to Planned Parenthood? If you wanna stick with Nuvaring or the pill, word on the street is they give away free shit to those who qualify.)


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