On personal privacy.

Ok, I’m bisexual and I just can’t find the words to tell my mom. Almost everyone expects me to be gay, but they don’t quite know yet. I just feel uncomfortable not telling my family and I just simply can’t find the words to break it down and tell them. Should I fear about what they will say or do? If they don’t accept it should I feel disowned or bad with myself?

I’m sorry, but when did become your family’s business to know who all you’re fucking? You are not obligated to tell anyone about your sex life. It’s not about keeping secrets. It’s about personal fucking privacy. Do you expect your parents to give you dirty details about all the sex they’re having? Fuck no. Likewise, you should feel free to shut the fuck up about your sexuality.

It’s different if you’re in a loving relationship and you want to introduce that person to your folks, but until that day comes, chill the fuck out.


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