On weinergate.

Talk me through this Weiner thing, Coke Talk. Why? Why? Whyyyyyy? He was our Lancelot.

Really? Lancelot fucked Guinevere behind King Arthur’s back. All the congressman did was tweet a few pics of his schwanz.

Sure, it’s a total dumb fuck thing to have done, but as far as beltway scandals go, it barely moves the needle on the political shitbag-o-meter.

Anthony Weiner is still one of the good guys. He may be a total asshole, but so what? He’s out there fighting the good fight and pissing off all the right people.

I haven’t lost an ounce of respect for the man, nor should anyone else who’s ever sent a down and dirty cell phone pic.

Let’s not be hypocrites, people.


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