On petty bullshit.

I’m sixteen, and I’ve always been identified as “the girl with the long, poofy hair” and I’m sick of it. My hair is too thick to straighten with a flat iron every day, and even when I do, it still looks awful. My friends all say it’s beautiful the way it is, but I seriously disagree with them. They also don’t know that it takes me an hour to wash every day. I really want to get it permanently straightened, but I don’t know if it’s worth all of the judgment I will get from my friends, family, and long-time hairdresser and the constant maintenance. Should I do it?

The good news is you obviously don’t have any real problems. The bad news is I don’t give a fuck about your hair.

You wanna know what to do? Quit your fucking whining, cut it all off, and donate your hair to sick kids who would appreciate it a hell of a lot more than you.


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