On petty love triangles.

I’m fucking an ex best friend’s ex boyfriend. They still talk and I’m almost sure there’s an emotional connection (okay, really sure). I’m only in it for the great sex, but I worry a little that this affair is TOO wrong. Should I tell her what’s going on, or should I spare her the emotional damage? I’m personally enjoying my dirty little secret.

Enjoying your dirty little secret, eh? At least you admit that you’re all about the drama.

I have no idea why you two are ex best friends, but whatever tedious bullshit led you to become exes is clearly unresolved and rearing it’s ugly head with this cheap nonsense.

Don’t kid yourself. You’re not in this love triangle for the sex. You’re in it for the manipulative power play.

The smart move is to stop fucking this guy and never speak of it again, but you don’t strike me as the forward thinking type.

Just know that if you spill your guts, you’ll be leaving a trail of scorched earth where these relationships used to be.


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