On pimpin’ not being easy.

I’m not the serious relationship type of girl and I am more than satisfied with the variety of random hook ups and friends with benefits that keep me entertained. I had two friends with benefits going on, and one of them fell for me and asked me to be his girlfriend this weekend. I said yes, with a “why not?” kind of mentality, but only two days later I find myself bored and missing other friends with benefits guy so much- for both the physical aspects and his personality. The boyfriend in the equation is such an average guy and i don’t feel stimulated at all. Go with my gut, back out, and break his heart? or stick around for a bit to see if anything changes?

Go with your gut. It doesn’t sound like you’re ready to be exclusive.

If your friends with benefits know about one another, you might be able to sell them on a time share situation wherein your shiny new boyfriend gets priority status.

Simply tell the new boyfriend that you’re not ready to give up your other friend with benefits, and that while he is number one, you still want to see them both.

When faced with the choice of either sharing you or losing you entirely, he might be willing to bend. Let him know he would get the same privileges.

If he goes for it, congratulations. Your pimp hand is strong, and you’ve got a new bottom bitch. If not, end it. You aren’t ready for anything serious, and it’s not fair to lead him on.


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