On politically correct fashion

There is apparently controversy about “indie kids” wearing native american head garb because it is “culturally racist,” and the argument has gone as far as comparing the trend to “blackface”.

What are your thoughts on this argument?

No. There is no controversy. I promise. Nobody really gives a fuck what pretty blonde girls wear in the VIP section at Coachella.

Seriously. This is not a thing. Anyone who says otherwise is an unemployable cultural studies major with a chip on their shoulder and too much time on their hands.

I heard this same ridiculous bullshit from a few overly sensitive Arabs three years ago when the hipsters went through their keffiyeh phase.

Sure, there will always be a handful of whiny anti-defamation types, but fuck those people. They’re the worst. It’s their job to be professionally offended.

Listen, if you’re one-sixteenth Cherokee on your step-dad’s side, and you think the best use of your time is protesting a Cobrasnake party pic featuring some underage teen in a feather headdress, then you’re an enormous asshole.

Is the bitch wearing feathers being culturally insensitive? Absolutely. I’m not denying that, but this pathetic shit does not rise to the level of controversy.

Get a real cause.*

* I have since changed my mind about this topic, and as we all have the right to revise and extend our remarks, let me start by saying that my initial response to this question was that of a privileged asshole.

I still very much detest people who spend their time being professionally offended, but I recognize that cultural appropriation is a legitimate gripe.

Screaming “racist” at a Coachella kid for wearing feathers is still a bit ridiculous, but it is an opportunity to start a discussion about cultural sensitivity in the face of two centuries of repression and genocide.


3 thoughts on “On politically correct fashion

  1. Chris says:

    Excellent update. As I once heard a guest on Colbert say (paraphrased), “flip-flopping is what we used to call adjusting our point-of-view based on new evidence that led to us learn something.”

  2. Nunsuch says:

    Dammit. I was impressed with this coke fueled advice site before coming across this. Yeah, sure, flip flopping is a sign of learning-sometimes. In this case, I think this chick got the cancer. The pc cancer. It’s fucking everywhere!!!!!!
    Fucking privileged position my fucking ass. She’s shilling for the censorship of style. It’s just pathetic. I’m sure she’d have some scathing counter points to make to my words here, but it wouldn’t matter. She drank the coolaid. Too bad.

    • J says:

      She changed her position because she became aware of palpable, deleterious effects of cultural appropriation. You still haven’t. You don’t get to chalk this up to some conspiracy theory about PC culture just because you haven’t understood yet. Stop being so angry because things are changing around you for reasons you can’t or won’t recognize.

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