On premature ejaculation.

Every guy I’ve ever been with has came in less than 5 minutes in bed. I’m not exactly sure if I’m just the shit in the sack or I make bad picks, but either way I’m getting no satisfaction. How can I help this?

Not to be a grammar nazi, but in this context I believe the past tense of “has came” is simply “cums.” That is to say, every guy you’re with cums in less than five minutes. Now, onto your larger problem.

Based on your conjugation skills, I’m guessing you’re a college freshman, which means you’re surrounded by guys who talk a big game but haven’t logged many hours inside actual pussy. It’s not that you make bad picks, it’s just that you’re bedding inexperienced dudes.

An obvious solution is to start fucking professors, but if you insist on frat boys your best bet is to get their first orgasm out of the way early.

Make them cum right away, hard and fast. The trick is to make sure they know they’re not done. Keep the sexual energy high and turn their refractory period into extended foreplay. When erection number two pops up, that’s the one you ride.

I promise, the second time around, they’ll fuck a lot longer than five minutes.


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