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On profanity

I find it amusing that you contradict your intelligent outlook on life by using stupid swear words all the time – especially when you’ve said in the past “I’m perfectly capable of expressing my emotional state with actual words.” – which really is the height of unintelligence, particularly when expressing yourself.  You remind me of some fourteen-year-olds I went to high school with who all thought they were so cool when they started to call each other bitches and sluts, and had extended their vocabulary to include words like fuck. Could you perhaps tell me the point of swearing so often? Do you even know?

I use profanity because I’m profane, you persnickety cunt.

When it comes to creative use of the language, swear words aren’t the height of unintelligence. Cliche and close-mindedness are, and sweetheart, you’re a walking close-minded cliche.

Someone has you convinced that vulgarity and irreverence are synonymous with stupidity when nothing could be further from the truth. Profanity is a weapon for someone like me. It’s a linguistic tool with a blunt face and a sharp edge. It’s dangerous and essential.

Find it amusing all you want, but you’re the smug little bitch going through life with your nose in the air, constantly judging others with a value system you haven’t even taken the time to examine.

Now that’s what I find amusing.


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