On putting a ring on it

“Is there even a ring on your finger?” Are you suggesting that commitment be solely dictated by a diamond? Or that marriage is an important goal in a relationship? This is an honest question, because I have been in a relationship for six years and I have no intention of getting married. I love the guy to death, he’s incredible, but I don’t need a bunch of legal jargon or a grandiose party to know where I’m at in my relationship (and he feels the same). I’m curious to know why you emphasized marriage; is it really important?

I understand why you feel the need to reflexively justify your relationship status, but you need to chill the fuck out. Nobody was challenging your life choices.

If you were a long-time reader, you’d know how I felt about the institution of marriage and the tradition of engagement rings. I literally wrote the book on how ridiculous it all is, but that still doesn’t change the fact that for most women, a formal engagement has quite a bit of significance.

Bitches like you and me may not give a fuck, but we can’t ignore the cultural distinctions between being a wife, a fiancé, and a girlfriend.


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