On reverse racism

Why is reverse racism not “real?”

Simple. What most people call reverse racism in America is merely prejudice against white people. That can be real, but it’s not racism. Racism includes an element of systemic or institutionalized oppression, and the dominant cultural group is, by definition, not oppressed.


2 thoughts on “On reverse racism

    • Quinn says:

      That’s a colloquial definition of the word that’s slowly falling out of style in favor of the scientific definition. Googling “institutional racism” can help explain it to you if you don’t already know what that is. Defending the use of it to mean discrimination can be a dick move, so if you don’t plan to educate yourself, at least tread carefully. If you mean discrimination, it’s probably best to just say discrimination. At the very least, it’ll be less confusing for anyone using the scientific definition.

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