On breaking up

I’m getting static from an ex for “demonizing” him. No interesting story here. I loved him, he didn’t love me, I got dumped and I’m pissed because I can’t have what I want. Told him I’d have to hate him for a while. He says I’m being immature because I’ve only had two real breakups (one of them after NINE YEARS). He says “it won’t help things” but I don’t see how I’m supposed to fall out of love with him while being empathetic and putting myself in his shoes. Thoughts? Am I doing it wrong?

He says you’re being immature? Fuck him and his shoes. He dumped you. He doesn’t get to dictate how that’s supposed to make you feel.

Don’t worry, you’ll be fine. Keep doing what you’re doing, and in a few months when you’re finally over him, you’ll realize how emotionally manipulative he was this whole time.


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