On ruining the sheets

I’m always too paranoid that I’m going to fart or pee while I’m having an orgasm that I can’t let myself have a complete orgasm while having sex with my husband. Advice?

If you’re too embarrassed to fart or pee in front of your husband, then you deserve those half-assed orgasms. Get over your silly hang-ups about bodily functions. It’s okay for sex to get a little gross and/or hilarious. Go ahead and ruin the sheets.


One thought on “On ruining the sheets

  1. Terry says:

    Sometimes I like to finish outside so that I have a faster recovery time. On 1 such time I was going thru a phase where I liked to straddle her and ended up blasting gas all over for V-J as I came gloriously, screaming, ‘I’m sorry! I’m so sorry!’

    It was pretty fantastic.

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