On secret affairs

Here’s my dilem. I’m having a secret affair with this guy. This certain guy has hooked up with my best friend a few months ago. He confessed to me that he actually likes me and could see us being more than fuck buddies. My best friend still isn’t over him even though they never actually dated (she gave him a bj and he was high and barely remembers it). I like him so much and really do want to be with him. But my best friend would be crushed if I dated him.

So, do I put my happiness in front of hers? or go the chicks before dicks route?

A secret affair? Don’t be so dramatic. This isn’t about love. Nobody’s married. You’re just sneaking some dick behind your best friend’s back after she tried calling dibs on it.

The whole thing is just a half-assed love triangle, the heightened circumstances of which are fooling you into thinking that this guy is more than a fuck buddy.

Don’t kid yourself. It’s a summer fling, one that’s going to ruin your relationship with your best friend when she finds out.

Yes. She will find out. It’s inevitable, and unless you’re the one who steps up and tells her what’s going on, she’ll never be able to trust you again.

This isn’t about your happiness. It’s about your integrity. Seriously, is your summertime fuck buddy worth your best friend’s trust?

Didn’t think so.


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