On sookie.

Among my group of friends, we have “Tara,” who is secretly fucking our other friend, “Bill.” Bill has a pregnant girlfriend, “Sookie.” Bill, Sookie, and Tara regularly socialize together with our other friends, and I feel terrible for Sookie, who is completely oblivious. I’m pretty shocked Tara would do something like this. Especially disturbing is the relationship Tara puts effort into cultivating with Sookie. I’m surprised I care, but I’m having a hard time overlooking it now that it’s gone on for so long. Should I confront Tara about it, or just avoid everyone? I don’t even want to deal with Bill.

Stay out of it.

Also, stop watching “True Blood.” It is a horrible show. Gay redneck vampires? Ugh. It’s Anne Rice meets Jerry Springer in a bad southern accent.

Might I suggest “Mad Men” instead?


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