On what’s inappropriate.

I have an ex-wife. We get along all right. I see her once every few months and we have lunch and talk about our work and families and so on.

I have a girlfriend. The girlfriend (who is otherwise not even remotely neurotic or whiny) seems to think that my amicable relationship with my ex-wife is inappropriate.

What do you think?

Inappropriate. I hate that word.

It’s used by persnickety little bitches who are inevitably trying to cover up some negative emotional response they won’t otherwise admit to having.

Go ahead. Make her confess to it. It’s as simple as asking your girlfriend, “How does my amicable relationship with my ex-wife make you feel?”

If she’s emotionally honest, she’ll admit to being either jealous, embarrassed, resentful, or ashamed. That gut-level response is the real problem.

Maybe you can fix that shit, and maybe you can’t, but once the underlying negativity is addressed, you’d be amazed at what’s suddenly appropriate.


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