On selling the ring.

I dated this guy for 9 years (engaged for the last 2).  At the time he proposed, we were living in different cities because of our careers. After much deliberation, he convinced me to move to the town where he was residing. I’d be lying if I said I was excited to move to this small town, but I was in love and was excited to start my new life with my fiancé. Plus, the cost of living was significantly lower so we agreed it was more conducive to raising a family.

So I found a new job, packed up my life, and moved. Unfortunately, on day 2 of being there my fiancé informed me that he hadn’t been very honest with me about a number of things.. he had spent the money we had saved for our wedding. He spent it on partying with his friends, a country club membership, and who knows what else. Consequently, we had to cancel our wedding.

So here’s my question: do you think I should give the ring back?

On the one hand, it was his lies and wrongdoings that ended our engagement and forced us to call off the wedding so why should he be rewarded for his selfish behavior? But on the other hand, the ring has no sentimental value to me at this point and I would never wear it. Instead I would like to sell it and take the compensation to pay for my moving expenses to get out of this small town. Thoughts?

Go ahead and sell the ring, but I bet you a hot meal that it turns out to be a cubic zirconia. Even if it doesn’t, make the fucker pay for your moving expenses when you leave.

It’s one thing to uproot your life in contemplation of a marriage, but after landing in a shit pile of lies, you shouldn’t have to pick up the tab for your own cross country walk of shame.

The 2000’s were a shitty decade, and after nine years, it’s time for you to cut your losses. Wash your hands of this Bush-era boyfriend, move back to the city, and spend a year being single.

Enjoy the fresh start.


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