On sex and molly.

I am planning on taking Molly with my boyfriend this weekend, and I wanted to ask your thoughts on sex while rolling. I’ve heard the rumor that once you have sex on it, you don’t desire sex when you’re not rolling because it’s so amazing. So, my question is, if I fuck while rolling, will I still be able to enjoy sober sex as much as I do now?

You capitalized Molly, which at first glance implied that you and your boyfriend were going to kidnap and have your way with some poor girl named Molly.

This struck me as particularly funny, because as many of you know, there is a Molly triumvirate out there in the tumbleverse made up of Molly Young, Molly McAleer, and Molly Lambert. Follow them immediately if you don’t already.

What struck me as funny was how each of them in their own unique voice would react and then write about a literal interpretation of the above scenario where they were the Molly in question. So yeah, that’s how my mind works. I have a fucked up sense of humor sometimes.

Anyways, when you’re referring to ecstasy as molly, don’t capitalize it.

Also, don’t listen to dumb rumors. Sex is sex. You’ll still love it just as much sober, I promise. The only grain of truth to that rumor is that in the day or two after you party on ecstasy, your brain is depleted of serotonin. You may or may not experience what’s known as an ecstasy crash where you feel kinda shitty and depressed. If that happens, you won’t feel like fucking in the first place. It’s no big deal. It passes.

As for sex on ecstasy, I’ll repeat what I’ve already said:

Ecstasy is a sensual drug, not a sexual drug. By itself, it has a tendency to delay orgasm in women, and it makes it damn near impossible for guys to get it up. You can make out all night like teenagers in love, but there won’t be much fucking if you don’t plan ahead.

If you know you want to fuck, the trick is have your man pop a viagra when he drops the ecstacy. That’s a recipe for mind-blowing all-night-long sex. Just be sure to stay hydrated, and use plenty of lube.


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