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On trying long distance

I’m trying a long-distance relationship for the first time. I really care about the girl, but I have always had a hard time keeping it in my pants. I’ve never really cheated – but in this instance I feel like it might eventually happen. Got any advice?

You’re asking a woman who is at this very moment doing her level fucking best to execute a dignified and graceful resolution to a loving and devoted long distance relationship that has, at least for now, run its course.

Bad timing, shitbird. I’m about to fuck up your whole world.

A long distance relationship isn’t something you casually try for the first time like Thai food or anal sex. A long distance relationship is something you do because you absolutely motherfuckingly have to, and it’s bittersweet and painful and unbearable and you can’t live without it, which I suppose is still pretty much like Thai food or anal sex, but you get my point.

If all you can say is, “I really care about the girl,” that isn’t even close to enough. You better love that crazy bitch with every last ounce of douche you’ve got coursing through your veins. Otherwise, you’re setting yourself up to fail.

And what’s all this about eventually cheating? Quit planning to fuck up. Fidelity isn’t inversely proportional to distance, asshole. There are no teen sex comedy loopholes in real life.

Feel free to work out an open arrangement, but if you decide to go traditional, you better have the requisite integrity. Keep it in your motherfucking pants, or be honest about the fact that you can’t. It’s that simple.

I just spent a solid, passionate year loving someone across hundreds of miles of pacific coast highway. It was the loneliest year of my life, punctuated by the most blissed-out orgiastic episodes of heroin-grade happiness I’ve ever known.

It’s an unnatural thing to maintain burning desire at a distance. You’ve gotta be an emotional athlete to handle the highs and lows. It requires a heart that’s pure and strong, and brother, I don’t think you’re in shape for it.

I’d wish you good luck, but it’d be wasted on your weak-ass shit. Long distance is for hardcore motherfuckers on fire.

You ain’t ready.


3 thoughts on “On trying long distance

  1. Chris says:

    “……you do it because you have to…..”

    Exactly! Due to work situations, my wife and I have had some long-distance periods in our marriage. It was never easy or preferable, but we dealt with it, sometimes spending money we didn’t have to be together briefly. You end up on the phone a lot, downloading apps like Skype just to SEE each other.

    Having had to go through this kind of thing 3 times (about 2.25 years in in less than 10) we’d had enough and have since decided that if an office is more than 10 miles from our home, it’s a shitty job. If it requires regular travel, it’s not for us.

  2. Papaya says:

    I actually return to read this post quite frequently. It describes not only what it takes to make a relationship work long-distance, but also prompts one to think whether any current relationship is sound and fulfilling to the degree it should be– enough to bridge that gap and make it work because, like you wrote, “you absolutely motherfuckingly have to.” This is one of my favorite bits of advice on love & relationships.

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