On sex tapes and honor

I recently broke up with a woman I was with for several years.  We lived together, got drunk, did drugs and had awesome sex together.  Some of that booze/coke fueled sex was recorded (by her request).  Since breaking up she has been a total cunt.  Should I make some of those dildo-in-her-ass/cock-in-her-snatch videos public?

There are certain things you just don’t do. Ever.

Violating the trust of an intimate partner is right at the top of that list, and yes, for the purposes of those sex tapes, she will always be your intimate partner.

I want you to think back to a time when you were head over heels for her. Remember that woman? No doubt, she was crazy beautiful and wild as fuck. You loved the shit out of her. You shared a level of intimacy you’d never before thought was possible, and there were moments when you were sure you’d spend the rest of your lives together.

Have you got her in your head? Do you see her, the way she used to be? That’s the girl you’ll be betraying if you make those videos public, the one you loved.

Don’t do it, man. You can never get your integrity back.

Trust me on this. I have a whole hard drive full of compromising pics featuring exes and former lovers who I detest, motherfuckers I wouldn’t cross the street to spit on today. Some of that shit would be on the six o’clock news if I posted it on this blog, but I would never do that, not in a million years.

Be a decent human being about this. It’s a matter of honor. No matter how much of a total cunt your ex is being, you still have honor. This is one of those things that determines whether you’re a good person.

I hope you never make the wrong decision.


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