On sexual liberation

You said you’re in the entertainment business. I’m really curious… Are you a porn star?

I really just want to live your life, that’s all. I also wish I was as sexually liberated as you. I’d tell you the story and ask you for advice but it’s a long one. Wish you were like my older sister or something.

— Your biggest fan

Nope, I’m not a porn star. No disrespect to my girls who are, it’s just that I would never allow someone else to control a copyright to my likeness, be it on a cheesy reality show or in some hot girl-on-girl action. You won’t find me in front of a camera any time soon.

As for your wish, I’ve got some good news. You already are as sexually liberated as me. The mere act of wishing means you have the capacity, so what’s holding you back? Feel free to tell me your story, by the way. If you take the time to write it, I’ll take the time to read it.


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