On simple solutions.

I’m a quiet kind of girl. I’m perfectly happy spending my Friday night with my cat, my bubbler, and some Pete Townshend. But every so often I get bored enough to want to go out and go to parties. It’s not to hard to find one around here, since my town was built from drunk 17 year-olds and pot. The problem is, none of my friends ever expect me to want to go out and party, and I feel bad inviting myself along, even though I know they wouldn’t get mad at me. I still just feel a little bit bad asking and inviting myself. So what do I do? I’m sixteen, beautiful, and occasionally bored. As much as I love getting high with my cat, I’d much rather be getting high with a cute boy. How do I drop the hint to my friends to actually invite me places?

Get rid of the cat.


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