On harm vs. damage

My friend showed me this blog just a few days ago. I wouldn’t go as far as to say I can’t stop reading it but I’m incredibly intrigued by your perspectives on different life circumstances, etc. I really admire your often empowered and empowering stance, and I especially think that some of the advice you give women and young women is really important for people to hear (not just them.) I’m also a little taken aback however. It seems like some of what you do or say is very contradictory to that mindset. Maybe it’s just that you’re still human so there’s always going to be some contradiction, or maybe it’s my own naivete (on the tail end of 19) but things like cocaine or fucking with overly skinny women addicted to cocaine and “organic” foods seems to go against the great things you tell other people to encourage self respect. It might also be important to say that I don’t smoke, don’t drink, and am still a virgin (I’d like to think by choice…) though some of that was probably evident to you. I think the cocaine bothers me most, I think. Is that just my lack of real knowledge about coke or what? And it sounds like you do it mostly for social interaction, but for me I would rather not participate in social activity that is also harmful to myself. Is coke actually not that bad, as long is it’s not abused? also, I was curious if that was more just part of deal when going into the entertainment business.

p.s. This isn’t meant to slander your lifestyle. I’m just curious because it’s so different from my own.

You don’t drink, smoke, snort, or fuck. Fine. More for me, I suppose.

I appreciate that you don’t mean to slander my lifestyle. A lack of judgement from someone who abstains is refreshing. It leads me to believe that you’re not a crazy christian, so at least you’ve got that going for you.

First let me just say that yes, coke is actually not that bad. In fact, alcohol and tobacco are significantly worse than coke and weed. Anyone who says differently is misinformed or has an agenda.

As for your unwillingness to participate in social activities that might be harmful, I suggest you put down the hand sanitizer and get a fucking tan.

There is a difference between use and abuse. There is a difference between power and empowerment. There is a difference between living and being alive.

Not to slander your lifestyle either, but a careful analysis of your notion of harm might be in order. Harm implies evil. It’s nebulous and moralistic.

Talk to me about damage, not harm. Damage is factual. Damage can be weighed and measured against positive effects. Damage is also inevitable, and that’s a good thing, because you quickly learn the futility of trying to avoid it all together.

It may seem like petty semantics, but the underlying principles make all the difference in the world.


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