On pimp slap follow-through.

I’m the girl from “pimpin’ not being easy”. I broke up with the kid. We were only together for 5 days. He got really sad and is now making his aim and facebook statuses depressing shit, obviously so I can see it. “attempting the recooperation”, “but ain’t the devil happy”, “depressed”… It’s pissing me off cause it is starting to make me feel like a cold bitch for ending it so fast and him being down is making me sad too. what the fuck? set something straight please.

Five days? I’ve had bad dates that lasted longer than that.

The fact that he’s being such a butthurt little emo bitch after only five days shouldn’t make you sad. It should reinforce the fact that you made the right decision.

Don’t let it get to you. After all, it’s not about you. It’s not you that he’s getting over. It’s the idea of you. He’s mourning the loss of the relationship’s perceived potential — potential that never really existed.

He’s crying because his ice cream fell off the cone after just one lick. It doesn’t matter that he can only handle vanilla when you’re a scoop of rocky road. He’s going to throw a tantrum regardless.

You aren’t responsible for his emotional state.

Just ignore it.


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