On sisters before misters.

I’m hitting hermit stage with a new boyfriend. Friends have stopped calling me mid week since they know i’ll be tucked in bed all day and night with this new boy. While i’m totally into the little existence the both of us have going on, should i ditch the seinfeld reruns and copious oral sex for listening to my friends bitch and moan? It seems anytime i’m around them now, they are so negative which is just a bad comedown from cloud nine. Its become normal for me to only see some of them in passing every saturday night out clubbing. I know its dangerous to put all your eggs in one basket but no other basket had made me cum 12 times in one night before. I just need someone to tell me how to organise my whole priorities properly.

What’s the source of their negativity? Are they bitching and moaning as per usual, or are they going through some legitimate crisis and they need you?

Obviously, you should never abandon friends in a crisis. That said, the odds are good that they’ve always been soul-draining cunts, and it’s because you’re momentarily blissed-out from all the orgasms that you’ve finally noticed.

If that’s the case, go with the oral sex and reruns. Never look back.

Now, I’m not saying choose a new boy over old friends. In fact, this has very little to do with the guy. I’m suggesting that you cut people out of your life if they are emotionally draining.

Life’s too short not to surround yourself with positive, happy people.


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