On sounding queer.

Do you think that the whole gay “persnickety” style of speech is complete bullshit? Like, it’s all a ridiculous act to show off, “LOOK AT ME GUYS I’M QUEER AS FUCK.”

I’m a dude who has been known, on occasion, to suck a fucking nice big cock. However, that has never once affected my speech. Other than when I have a mouth full of his thick, creamy man sauce, of course, but that has yet to make me start talking like Tim Gunn.

So do you believe, as I do, that it’s all some childish act, a cry for attention? I think all it does is encourage homophobic douchebags and make it so my innocent dalliances with boys are stigmatized.

Love ya bitch.

While patterns of speech certainly have the potential to be affectations, I doubt most gay men sound the way they do as a cry for attention.

If anyone is screaming “LOOK AT ME GUYS I’M QUEER AS FUCK,” it’s the guy who uses a phrase like “a mouth full of his thick, creamy man sauce.”

Nobody talks like that.


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