On speaking from experience.

Have you ever tried meth? I noticed as my girlfriend was scrolling down your blog that you called meth “sucking the devil’s dick” and said a lot of “don’t even do it once” type stuff, and I was just wondering if you were speaking from more experience other than just following the trend of ragging on hard drugs that you don’t understand at all.

I get it, dude. Not only do you have a girlfriend, but the only reason you happened to be reading my stuff is because you were looking over her shoulder. That’s fine, big guy.

Here’s the thing, though. I can spot you coming a mile away, and I already know what’s going on in your garage. Your mom wants you to quit using meth, but she “rags” on hard drugs that she doesn’t understand, so you invalidate her opinion. Your girlfriend also gives you shit about using meth, but you don’t consider her an equal, so you invalidate her opinion too.

That leaves me, but guess what? I don’t give a flying fuck if you come at me with your chest all puffed up. I’m not your mom, I’m sure as hell not your girlfriend, and I’ll bet you the lift kit on your truck that unlike the women in your life, you actually respect my opinion. That’s why you bothered to write.

I’ve got nothin’ to prove to you, dude. Sure, I could regale you with tales of my drug warrior days, but fuck you. You didn’t ask nicely.

Do whatever you want with your shitty life. I don’t care.


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