On taking a joke.

I can take a joke on the nose. Really, I can. So why am I slightly slighted at Louis CK jumping to the defense of this Tosh asshole? (let’s be honest, Tosh is about as funny as Carrot Top) Yuck.

So, why am I a little peeved that the one comedian I have a shred of respect for is jumping to the defense of a comedian who blasted a female with a rape joke?

Louis CK was not coming to the defense of rapists or rape culture by defending Daniel Tosh last night, nor was he defending homophobes or hate speech by defending Tracy Morgan last year.

In both cases, Louis CK was coming to the defense of comedians and stand-up comedy as an art form, and he was defending offensive speech as a completely legitimate expression of that art form.

Louis CK is fucking amazing, but still, if he’s the only comedian you respect, then it’s a safe bet you don’t know shit about comedy. How about trusting his opinion? He’s the expert for a reason, and if Louis CK is backing the play of an asshole who said something offensive, then maybe you should step off his nuts and consider giving an expert the benefit of the doubt.

As for what you find funny or offensive, that’s all a matter of personal taste. It’s fine if you think Daniel Tosh is an asshole, and feel free to shit all over Carrot Top like it’s still 2006, but don’t act like you can take a joke and then start getting slightly slighted or a little peeved.

If you say you can take a joke, be prepared to fucking take it.


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