On standards.

So a few girlfriends and I recently just went to the bar. After getting our drink on for a few hours, some guy came over and was talking to us. We were all flirting with him and he got one friend’s number at the bar. Meanwhile, he was feeling me up under the table. As we were leaving, he whispered “Don’t go” and asked for my number. As soon as we got home, he texted my friend and I. She went to bed, though, and ignored his text. I was down for a good fuck and went to his hotel. I told my friend about it the next day and she has proceeded to continually call him “creepy” and “weird”. Supposedly a friend of hers knows the guy and says he’s a player. What I’m wondering is if you think my friend is just being bitchy out of jealousy? I mean, she could’ve fucked him too, and it’s not like I didn’t know that he also texted her. I’m fine with us all knowing he is a player but I can’t help but be slightly offended that she keeps shit talking. I’ve kind of just let it go since, but I wanted a second, unbiased opinion. Does this seem like she is acting out of jealousy? Am I just dwelling on it too much? She has had many one night stands herself.

This could be jealousy. Then again, your friend probably just has higher standards than you.

Are you so desperate for attention that you find it acceptable for a stranger to be scratching your camel toe while he’s scoring your friend’s phone number?

Are you so desperate for random dick that you’ll answer a hail mary booty text from a guy that you know is alone in his hotel room shotgunning through his phone log?

I hate to break it to you, but the guy really does sound creepy and weird. I guarantee if you didn’t show up and fuck him for free, his next call would have been to an escort service.

I’m all for one night stands, but have some dignity next time.


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