On platonic vs. romantic.

Every guy I ever get really close to always seems to regard me as “just friends.” Shouldn’t it be the other way around? I mean, I don’t think I’m an unattractive girl. I’m cute, at the very least, I have honkin’ boobs, and I’m not unwilling to hook up. So what’s stopping all these guys from liking me? I don’t have bad personality, I’m not fat, and I’m not ugly, but it seems like that last few guy friends I’ve grown close to have been like, “I really like you wait jklol we’re just friends.” I’m sick of being lead on, and I’m sick of not getting any action.

How do I keep from getting lead on? More importantly, how do I keep from going into “just friends” territory?

Stop looking for boyfriends amongst your guy friends. Platonic relationships are different than romantic ones. They begin differently, they progress differently, and they sure as hell end differently.

It’s incredibly difficult and very rare to make an honest shift between platonic and romantic. It’s relationship alchemy.

You may think there’s a double standard here, but there isn’t. The friend zone is real for both genders. The only difference is that guys are more likely to fuck you if you’re in their friend zone — once. That’s probably what’s causing you such frustration.

In fact, the whole notion of “starting off as friends” is kind of bullshit. Most of the time when couples describe how they started off as friends, that’s not really true. Whether they admitted it or not, it had always been romantic, and the timing finally worked out.

If you want to keep from getting lead on, then stop kidding yourself. Every girl knows the difference between platonic and romantic. If he’s not interested in fucking you from day one, it’s platonic. It’s as simple as that.


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  1. Murray Gareth says:

    Exactly what a great piece. Superb, really. There are usually so
    many con artists online claiming they know the topic.
    However in reality, it’s just you plus who truly know very well what they create about.
    I appreciate genuine content plus I feel like a new lot of your own readers do, also.

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