On not getting the joke.

Somewhere back at LAX, I imagine there is a TSA break room where Shanaynay and Shaniqua are wearing my blonde and red wigs while singing karaoke into my travel dildo.

The moral of the story is pretty simple — white people are benevolent do-gooders, and black people are helpless, scary animals

I guess they can be luggage handlers or thieves too?

Well, aren’t you clever?

Look at you, juxtaposing two contrasting statements out of context followed by a smug, passive-aggressive question to make a nebulous ad hominem accusation of racism.

Glenn Beck would be proud.

Are you a TSA agent named Shanaynay or Shaniqua? Is your mom? Unless you can answer yes to one or both of those questions, you have no business being personally offended by that line.

Since you seem to have a sense of self-righteousness where a sense of humor should go, I suggest you stop reading my blog and just stick to Oprah’s book club.


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