On gay means happy.

in the past two months, i think i’ve become more self-aware than i have in most of my teenage existence. i realized i was gay in around seventh grade, hooked up with one measley [asian] kid my junior year, and here i am three years later, still alone.

i know i shouldn’t be so upset with the fact that i’m still a virgin, but it frustrates me to no end. my own mother told me that i’m the most sexually frustrated person she’s ever met (an exaggeration, i hope).

i can’t help but think that i’m too nice to fuck, too unattractive to be noticed, and too bland to be interesting. i’ve definitely been doing my own thing by not living up to shitty stereotypes, but what the fuck? not a single guy? i don’t want to meet a guy at some rainbow alliance meeting, because i find that special interest club bullshit uninteresting and a waste of time. i don’t want help finding a guy through setups from friends, because they’ve always gotten the wrong impression of what kind of guy i like— i’m introduced with a mascara-flaunting hep-B slut of a man.

so, i know it seems like i’m venting my frustrations for being 20 & perpetually single, but i just don’t know how i can change my “too nice to fuck” personality without changing who i am. i know i can make a guy very happy, because i think of myself as a romantic, but i’m starting to resent all my friends with their luck in relationships & supposedly constant sex.

please help with any advice in this window, because i have no one else to turn to for honest, brutal insight.

You’re twenty years old. Why are you bitching about relationships? Do you even know how to just go have some fun? And “too nice to fuck” — I don’t even know what that means.

It’s not your job to make a guy happy, and nobody cares if you’re a romantic virgin. Quit saying no to everything. Quit being so negative. Quit with the resentment.

Dude, quit acting like such a fag and go enjoy being gay.


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  1. disqueued says:

    I love reading through some of these archives! For anyone else reading, FYI most gay guys I know go to “rainbow alliance” (gay-straight alliance, or whatever it’s called where you are) to befriend other gay guys in their area. You don’t have to find it interesting to get something out of going to a meeting or two, and expanding your network of LGBT and LGBT-friendly people will never hurt you.

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