On starting out bisexual.

I suspect I may be bisexual. Problem is, I have limited sexual experience in general. This has led to an awful catch-22.

My “new” (or newly accepted) interest in my own gender means lately I’ve been less interested in pursuing the opposite gender. But my lack of experience with the opposite gender makes me absolutely terrified of pursuing or even talking about my new interest… with anyone except a random girl on the internet.

So, two questions. One, is it possible to realize something like this about yourself when you don’t have that much experience? It’s not like I have a lot for comparison here. Two, what the fuck should I do in general Coke Talk?

You don’t need sexual experience to recognize your own sexual orientation, but recognizing it and being comfortable with it are two different things. Being comfortable with your bisexuality does take experience. Relax. It’ll come.

Oh, and yes. If you suspect that you might be bisexual, it’s because you are. No big deal. So is everybody else. Really. It’s all just a matter of degree. Stop worrying about the label.

One day, you’re gonna start fucking — girls, guys, whatever — you’ll eventually get to swapping some bodily fluids. Until you do, you’re going to be a bundle of nerves. It’s perfectly normal to be freaked out by sex when it’s right in front of you the first few times. Enjoy the thrill.

Look ‘em in the eye and take it like a man — or give it like a woman — I honestly have no idea what your gender is, nor does it matter. Whatever turns you on, just be safe and go with it. If you’re lucky, the people you want to fuck will want to fuck you back.

Go knock it out and have some fun.


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