On stripping.

I just started out stripping 3 days ago and when i ask any customers for a lap dance they always say they don’t have any money, but i see them walk off and get 600$ dances from other girls.

i’m a very attractive girl and i have a good body, can your give me tips on how to talk these men into getting a lap dance from me?

ps. girls usually get most of their money from lap dances.

Yes, my dear. I am quite aware of the cash flow model of the average strip club, but it was very sweet of you to point out what you learned in your first few hours on the job. (The dollar sign goes in front of the number, by the way.)

Now, as for your problem. You need to shift your thinking a bit. Being a very attractive girl and having a great body is all it takes to get male attention outside the strip club walls, but once you’re inside the rules are temporarily suspended.

Gender roles are reversed. Women become the aggressors while men sit back and soak up female attention. It’s what they’re really paying for, and it’s all bullshit. You know it. They know it. The trick is to get them to temporarily forget that it’s all a lie. That’s how you make the big bucks.

They don’t pay you because they find you attractive. They pay you because you find them attractive. It’s called hustling, and it’s a hell of a lot harder than just standing around looking pretty.

Unless you want more than the occasional free drink and a few dollar bills at the pole, I suggest you start letting those men know how irresistibly sexy they are.

Good luck meaning it.

(Also, I highly recommend you follow both The Dame and Kat’s Blog. The Dame is a pole dancing bad ass who gives great advice, and Kat is a smirking genius whose blog is basically the Huffington Post of strip club culture.)


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