On std tmi.

If a guy bothers to tell you that he is STD-free, how likely is it that he’s lying? I mean, no one in their right mind really WANTS to spread disease, right?

Sure, no one in their right mind, but that’s not an overwhelming majority these days. Also, no one can definitively tell you that they’re STD free. The best anyone can do is test negative for a full STD panel, so unless this guy is backing up his words with clean, up-to-date paperwork, he’s just talking out of his ass.

Then again, if a guy is showing you test results without you having asked for them, it’s definitely a red flag, not that he’s necessarily lying, but that he’s sketchy and has something to prove.

Listen to your gut on this one. If you think the douchebag doth protest too much, don’t fuck him.


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