Fun-Sized Advice

On fun sized advice

What is your definition of a whore?
Someone who puts a price on their integrity.

Why do you choose to remain anonymous?
It’s more fun this way, no?

It just occurred to me that you could be an Asian with big breasts. 
Like I said, it’s more fun this this way.

Is it true that people like you invented love to sell nylons?
People like Don Draper invented love to sell nylons. People like me invented nylons to sell love.

Where is your favorite place to shop for lingerie?

You seem like you’ll talk about mostly anything on your blog. Is there anything you’re shy discussing?
Canadian indie artists.

What’s your opinion on Canadian indie artists?

What is an appropriate response to “You look tired!”?
A smile that says, “fuck off and die.”

Do you think Jesus ever existed?
The historical evidence is thin.

I’m 15 going on 16. Does my love life matter?
Not to me, but that shouldn’t stop you.

What do you do when all your 19 year old peers start getting married?
Get some new peers.

Do you have sex with women or men more?

Have you ever been paid to fuck?
Have you ever been paid to fuck off?

Yo, bitch. Why you do like you do?
Um, why do you paint on your eyebrows?

So what does it take to win the human race?
Contrary to all you’ve been taught, it’s not a competition.


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