On astrology.

Why do you think you get along so well, and are so attracted to, Leos?

Oh dear, no. When I point out that I have a thing for Leos, it’s an observation based on evidence, not a preference based on superstition.

It just happens to be the case that a large cluster of my inner-circle was born in mid-August. They’re Leos. I have no problem calling them that for poetic effect, but beyond the silly harmlessness of a little mythical characterization, I draw the line at taking any of that zodiac nonsense seriously.

Astrology is total bullshit. You guys all know that, right?

There is no causal link between our individual personalities and the relative position of celestial bodies, nor are there any rational conclusions to be drawn about interpersonal compatibility based on astrological birth signs.

If you read your horoscope for a laugh, fine, but if you consult a star chart before making life decisions, then you’re straight up fucking retarded.

If you’re having even the slightest urge to argue with me about this, please google cognitive bias, and spend a few minutes filling your brain with something other than dumb.


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