On stealing your sex tape.

I was fucking someone for a few months and ended up making a sex tape with him. He’s as bad of a person as they come. He has a lot of money and no spine, and I’m afraid certain members of our social circle with whom I don’t get along will convince him to somehow make the tape public. This whole situation is the result of a string of remarkably stupid decisions on my part. Am I fucked, or is there something I can do?

Is it actually on a video tape? If so, consider yourself lucky he wasn’t using new equipment. All you have to do is break into his house and steal the tape.

If it’s on digital media, then we’re talking about a Mission Impossible style breach-headquarters-and-hack-into-the-mainframe type job. You’ve got to sneak in to his home or office, find and erase it from the original memory cards on which it was shot, the computer’s hard drive to which it was transferred, and any backup drives onto which it may already be archived.

So yeah, that’s what you can do. Otherwise, you are indeed fucked.

Good luck.


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