On best friends in love.

After years of being platonic friends who were able to discuss anything and have relationships with other people, me and my best friend (a guy, I’m a girl) decided to have sex. We both agreed it was some seriously good chemistry, and we’re continuing to fuck as friends. This wasn’t a problem for a month or so, but of course feelings are getting involved and we’re slowly thinking that maybe a serious relationship would be a good thing.

So, Coke Talk, should I get into a relationship with my best friend? I feel like switching to treating each other like boyfriend and girlfriend instead of brother and sister may be difficult and it’ll just ultimately weird us out.

Not to alarm you, but you’re already in a relationship with your best friend. You’ve been in one the whole time. The only difference is that now you’ve past the point of no return.

That’s why you’re writing me, actually. You just peeked over your shoulder and noticed that the bread crumb trail leading back to the friend zone has vanished, and you’re a little bit freaked out.

Don’t worry. You’re not lost. Keep walking the path, and you’ll be fine.

Try not to get caught up in labels. He’s not your brother, he’s not quite your boyfriend, and he’s certainly not just a friend anymore. You don’t need to put words like “serious” or “official” in front of your relationship in order to affirm the level of intimacy you already share.

The trust is there. The respect is there. The chemistry is there. All that’s left is for you two to recognize that the love is there too, both the platonic love that you’ve always known, and the romantic love that’s always been possible.

Good luck, and be sure to send me an invitation to the wedding.


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