On the big o

I’ve had three partners, the first two were both virgins but I had slept with them more than once and the last guy well, certainly was not a virgin. I’ve never had an orgasm. The first few times I had sex I figured that’s just how it goes and that it will come with practice. Now I’ve had the practice and I’m starting to worry something’s wrong with me. Sorry, none of this was in question form at all, but I need some advice because to be honest I’m too embarrassed to ask anyone else.

Start listening to Loveline. Doctor Drew answers this exact same question at least three times a week, and I quote:

“You’re perfectly fine. It’s nothing to worry about. A fairly significant percentage of woman aren’t even physiologically capable of reaching orgasm well into their twenties. Just give it time.”

It’s nice to hear from a doctor that you’re normal, but screw just giving it time.

This is a DIY project, sweetie. Start masturbating — a lot.

After all, if you’re still keeping track of the number of times you’ve fucked, you haven’t had the practice.

Don’t worry. You’ll get there. Probably be a squirter, too.


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