On the bombings

I live in Boston. What’s the best way to deal with my anger?
Recognize it. Sit down next to your anger and just fucking recognize that shit, but whatever you do, don’t take it out on people. It’s there, and it’s justified, but it’s not to be inflicted on others.

WHY do people only care about the explosions that occur in America and not explosions that America causes?

It’s a phenomenon known as selective empathy made worse by a nasty case of American exceptionalism. Don’t let it make you angry, especially not right now. You would be wise not to inject your personal politics into conversations about Boston.

What the fuck do we do when the world just keeps getting scarier and scarier?
The world isn’t getting scarier. You’re just a bit scared. It’s an understandable reaction, but don’t let fear take root in your head.

I was there. I saw the explosions, and now I don’t know what to do.
You’ll be okay. The shock is starting to wear off, and you’re gonna be left with some intense emotions. Give yourself some time and allow yourself to feel whatever you’re feeling. It’s all perfectly normal.


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